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Eco Thermo Floor® Silent & Warm

Eco Thermo Floor® – przykład zastosowania

ECO THERMO FLOOR® SW- there is possibility of substitutional use in so-called dry system of underfloor and wall heating instead of commonly used foamed polystyrene. Our product is ecological in the full sense of this word and friendly to the environment.

This is a system of 24, 30 or 36 mm mm plates with milled channels for the pipes. The system consists of panels in which the pipes can be laid along or across to the heated surface and so-called return panels, corners, cross panels enabling the transition from one spacing of pipes to another spacing – for example from 125 mm to 250 mm . There are also aluminum plates which distribute the heat in whole surface of heated area.

Our products is ecological and friendly to the environment. It has excellent properties as thermal and acoustic insulation.

In consideration of the material which these panels are made of our system is highly recommended for people who are ill with asthma and allergies.

ECO THERMO FLOOR® SW- smells of wood!


panel podkładowy zasilająco-powrotnyPanel podkładowy zasilająco - powrotnyPanel podkładowy powrotnypanel podkładowy powrotnyAluminiowy dystrybutor rozstaw 250 mm

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