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Eco Thermo Floor® Dry Floring Elements

Lekkie stropy i renowacje – minimalna grubość i mały ciężar całego systemu.

Przykład zastosowania Dry Floring Elements

This is completely innovative solution. It combines good points of conventional method of underfloor heating installation (consisting in pouring wet concrete over the pipes seated in insulation ply) with such advantages like minimal thickness of whole system and comparatively not big weight. This is a perfect solution for the light floor and in case of renovation.

It can be successfully use in the bath-rooms. The pipes are seated in 18 mm (for pipes to Ø 14 mm). Standard dimensions of the system’s elements are based on 100 mm spacing. On showed below patterns the pipes are additionally covered by the ply of gypsum fibre board (10 mm thickness). You can directly cover the pipes by special joint filler and stick the ceramic tiles. In consideration of the accessibility of the monolithic plates in 18 mm maximal thickness we can use them for the pipes in 14 mm maximal diameter only. In theory there is possibility to start the production on the base of 25 mm thickness plates – it will enable us to use the pipes with greater diameter.

The series of plates types showed below are exemplary. We can also offer these plates joint with porous plates as additional thermal and acoustic insulation.





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