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Eco Thermo Floor® Chip Board

Eco Thermo Floor® – przykład zastosowania

Innovative option of ecological panels to the underfloor heating is the solution using MFP P5 plate. It is perfect solution that can be used in woodframe construction or at the renovation of houses because in these cases the matter of thickness of the underfloor heating layer is very important.

In this MFP P5 plate there are milled channels, aluminium heat emission plates are seated in these channels, the pipes lay into aluminium heat emission plates which distribute the heat on all surface.

The width of these plates: 600 mm, the length of plates: 1200,1800 or 2400 mm, channel distance – 150, 200,300 mm. Return panels – width: 1200 mm, length: 395 or 595 mm. The width of these plates: 500 mm, the length of plates:1200 mm, channel distance – 125 and 250 mm for Ø 16 mm and 17,8mm pipe. Return panels – width: 1000 mm, length: 395 or 595 mm The panels are laid crosswise the joists (conventional spacing at 400 or 600 mm intervals).This solution using MFP P5 plate can be used at wall heating too.



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